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Beauty Basic Makeup Course

4 days

Advanced Makeup Course

4 days

Auto Makeup Course

1 day

Bridal Makeup Course

2 days

Contour & Highlight Makeup Course

3 days

Samer's IG Tutorial Makeup Course

1 day

Master Program Makeup Course

10 days

Ayesha Fahd

“Everything i wanted to know was well explained, loved it ! I will miss my time here. and the instructor always provided helpful comments.”

Ayesha Fahd from Pakistan. Instagram account: @xesha.f

Gunjan Aghera

“I wouldn’t change anything about the course. Everything is so good.”

Gunjan Aghera from India. Instagram account: @gunjanaghera

Rawane El Hajj

“The course at Samer Khouzami’s Academy is one of the most joyful things I have accomplished in my life. It has opened a new opportunity for me at the professional level as it enhanced my personal confidence in succeeding in this career, it all goes back to this place and the knowledge and distinction it holds in the world of makeup.”

Rawane El Hajj from Lebanon. Instagram account: @rawanehajj23

Azam Safarali

“I attended the course to enhance my talent and creativity. The environment was very professional and I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Azam Safarali from Iran. Instagram account: @asal.kian5863

Nagham Al Saleh

“The course has been above my expectations, you have included all the important things.”

Nagham Al Saleh from Lebanon. Instagram Account: @naghamalsaleh

Farah Abouh Faour

“I took the advanced course to practice the art of makeup. The instructor is an expert. I am very satisfied with the course.”

Farah Abou Faour from Lebanon. Instagram account: @Lemon&plum