About Samer Khouzami

The Man Behind The Brand

Entrepreneur and self-made makeup artist, Samer Khouzami, felt a deep unknowing passion for art at an early age. Having been raised in a more traditional family environment, he had no link to art but managed to create muses out of those closest to him. His deep idolization and connection to his mother unleashed an understanding of what timeless beauty meant, and through that, Samer focused his talent on capturing that inspired beauty in every woman he saw. He used the transformative power of makeup as his paint, making women around the world feel and look beautiful, each a masterpiece.

Talent, coupled with skill and determination led Samer Khouzami to become a master in contouring and transformations. Every tool from stroke technique to brushes garnered highly acclaimed recognition, picking up his career as a makeup artist.

He ventured into a unique business endeavor launching a series of global workshop tours.

From the United States to Australia and everywhere in between; more than 48 destinations and over 4860 certificates distributed.

Now dubbed as a make-up guru, Samer’s limitless ambition asked him to shoot for the moon, and with his hunger to pursue his passion, he answered with the launch of his very own product line: Samer Khouzami Cosmetics.

The Brand

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics has a dedicated team of experts creating safe to use and 100% cruelty free products. With Samer personally spending hours working closely with cosmetic chemists, blending pigments to create a unique color and quality under the supervision of expert cosmetic scientists, our brand uses state-of-the-art equipment for liquid and crème-filling, powder pressing, loose powder filling, lipstick molding, and tube filling/sealing. All Samer Khouzami products are EU & US compliant, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

At Samer Khouzami, our mission is to provide people with the best of cosmetic innovation , quality and safety. Samer Khouzami Cosmetics are designed for everyone as we proudly advocate individuality and inclusivity 

“There’s a responsibility as an artist to ensure that you’re inspiring and sending the right message. Makeup isn’t a means of covering up. It’s a means of self expression. That’s the message.”

- Samer Khouzami